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Some Recent Projects


Plenary Talk at the 6th European Congress of Methodology, Utrecht, 2014


18th Meeting of Austrian, Croatian, Hungarian, Italian and Slovenian Young Statisticians, 2013


Data Mining in Official Statistics Workshop, Anaheim CA, April 2012


2010: 64 applicants to the MSc in Survey Statistics


2009: 41 applicants to the MS cin Survey Statistics


Visit to the Center for Statistics and the Social Sciences, University of Washington, Spring 2008


Yearly Meetings of Austrian, Croatian, Hungarian, Italian, Slovenian Young Statisticians, Hungary, 2008


Handbook of Probability: Theory and Applications, Sage, 2008


MSc in Survey Statistics


New book on opinion polls 


25th Biennial Meeting of the Society for Multivariate Analysis in the Behavioural Sciences, jointly with the 2nd Conference of the European Association of Methodology, Budapest, 2006


Director-General, Centre for Social Sciences, Hungarian Academy of Sciences


Professor of Statistics, Department of Statistics,

Faculty of Social Sciences, Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest


Affiliate Professor, Department of Statistics, University of Washington


Fellow, European Academy of Sociology


Past President, European Association of Methodology


Phone: + 36 1 372 2500/6871

Fax: + 36 1 372 2912

Office: 6.61


Pazmany Peter setany 1/A, H-1117 Budapest, Hungary


Secretary: Ms Yvette Milich

Phone:  + 36 1 372 2500/6282



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